Question: Channel repack

Trying to understand the repack, will it be even harder for rural areas now. I live about half way between Macon ga and Savannah GA little closer to Macon and starting June 1st form want i understand wsav out of Savannah is moving form 39 to 16 which happens to be wgxa channel as of now in the past i could get both at night of course i had to have my antenna aimed right and my mom which lives bout 12 miles closer to Savannah gets wsav most of the time wgxa at night how will these not have heavy interface at night unless they cut back power until wgxa moves to 26 later this year or early next year


Staff member
Lower frequency channels propagate better for the same power output. So, in theory, the repack could improve reception for some people. On the other hand, increased interference can cause reception to decrease for other people.
Ok , going to be a exciting time to see what the repack brings i hope reception improves how ever it may not. I'm even more excited about atcs 3.0 everything is changing and we really don't know for sure want the future holds.