Charged for Paper view i DID NOT ORDER - DirecTV

I cannnot begin to describe how infuriated i am with Uverse. i looked at my monthly statement and saw it was more about 60-67 more than my usual bill so i called. They informed me that it was for a UFC paperview match I had ordered. This is completely laughable to anyone that knows me since I cannot even name a player in the UFC. I spoke with a representative who basically said someone in my house must have ordered it with out my knowledge I explained no one else lives here and there is only one tv in the house so its impossible that someone ordered if no one ever touches the remote. I kept insisting they needed to look into it because its obviously a mistake because I know for a fact that i did not order it. She then said they had no way of really proving if i did or did not order it so they could not remove it but as a courtesy she could credit me $30. Personally that's insulting saying its a courtesy to credit something that should have never been charged in the first place AND U verse is still robbing me the remainder of the balance since the charge was for $60 + tax. Then she suggested I have paperview blocked which i understand where she's coming from but to me that just seems crazy since NO ONE else uses the tv here. after over an hour going back and forth with the representative since I kept insisting it's their responsibility to look into it since its obviously an error, she said i would have to call technical support. I agreed to contact them since i was convinced it had to be a technical error. Of course once i spoke with that department and was on the phone with them for again another hour+ they basically said they can do absolutely nothing and did not understand why i was told to contact them. They had no way of figuring out if it was an error. that the only ones that can help me is billing which i had already spoken. Basically I was getting the run around and nothing was going to be resolved. I cannot begin to describe the anger, frustration, and complete waste of my time this has been. It is immoral that ATT gets away with robbing its customers by placing a charge on their account that they claim they cannot prove or disprove . It is simply wrong and shows how corrupt they are. I truly hope someone reads this and can look into it or atleast better help another customer in the future when they have an issue instead of robbing their customers money.

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