Charles Babbage's steam-powered 'Analytical Engine'

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Campaign to build Charles Babbage's 'Analytical Engine' computer | Mail Online

From the article:

"It is one of the greatest pieces of technology ever devised.

But like all of his inventions, Charles Babbage’s prototype computer, the Analytical Engine, was never built in his lifetime.

Now a science blogger is leading a campaign to have the giant steam-powered prototype computer built for the first time since it was first laid down on paper in 1837.

John Graham-Cumming said the design for the ‘computer’ showed that Babbage was ‘100 years ahead of his time’.

Babbage designed the Analytical Engine to be made from brass and iron and had a central processing unit, which he named the ‘mill’. It also came with 1.7 kilobytes of expandable memory which he called the ‘store’.

It could be programmed using punchable cards and would have been capable of calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication and division." ...