Charlie Sheen in jail for alleged domestic violence


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Geez, this guy can't stay out of trouble. He's been given so many second chances...guess I shouldn't talk yet since this is all alleged right now.

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen spent Christmas Day in a cell after he was ***arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Police went to a house in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, early on Christmas morning after Brooke Mueller claimed the 44-year-old Platoon star had hit her. Sheen said he had just fended off Brooke, 32.
Actor Charlie Sheen in jail cell after alleged 'assault' on wife -


Other famous "wife" beaters...

David Soul best known for his Starsky & Hutch role and hit song "Don't give Up On Us Baby" beat the hell out of his wife who was seven months pregnant.

Glen Campbell allegedly beat Tanya Tucker, even knocking two of her front teeth out.

Jackson Brown allegedly beat
actress/girlfriend Darryl Hannah.
So much for the Number One CBS comedy series, Two and a Half Men sheesh. another fix done gone.

I honestly still lament losing Pee Wee's Playhouse . that was one of my favorite shows on Saturday mornings.

....You can probably tell, i'm not good with change. when my routine is broken i lose it.
the format of Two and a Half Men sounds like exactly what you're talking about. it's a show about all those things. hard to deny any possibility he would act out the character so well in real life eh?


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What business is it of ours? I could care less if he is a drunk drug abusing but wipe.

I would rather not know. I would rather just watch him act.


But basically this is just a case of too much tabloid information to me.
Normally I'd be with you 100 percent, Piggie. Gossip as news makes my stomach churn as well. But this is a little more than the usual small potatoes: The cops also tagged him for suspicion of felony menacing and second-degree assault, which is also a felony as it implies use of a deadly weapon. Frankly, he's extremely lucky he didn't get much, much more coverage than he did, seeing as how he chose Christmas Day -- the slowest news day of the entire year -- to lose control and get himself arrested.


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He's been in trouble during the series, but I think this might do the show in. It's got enough for syndication so the network might just think now is a good time to bail, pardon the pun. I felt really bad when I heard about this. This kid turned man had a good upbringing and all the potential, and something in him just churns I guess. It's a shame.


Oh, I don't know. Corporations used to be scared to death of sexual-harassment lawsuits, but that was back when it mattered what you did, not who you were. My, how times have changed: CBS hasn't done a thing to late-night serial creep David Letterman, has it? That makes it much harder for them to pull the plug on Charlie Sheen's show, regardless of the circumstances.

On a related note: I saw a commercial during Sunday's Eagles-Broncos game depicting Sheen behind the wheel of a Mercedes convertible, backing up and colliding with objects and people. Can't remember the sponsor, but my immediate thoughts were:

• Does the sponsor really want to be associated with Sheen hitting anything?


• They've had more than 48 hours to pull this ad, and it hasn't happened.

That, plus the fact that his bail is an $8,500 bond -- maybe a grand out of pocket -- is more proof that it's no longer about what you know or what you do, but about who you are. Only nobodies do time for this stuff now. Sheen is a Somebody. The divorce will cost him millions, but he's already done his 10 hours in jail.


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That commercial is on all the time. It's for briefs, I think -- with Michael Jordan or something. One of those guys.

Oh - and I forgot to acknowledge the David Soul comment the other day. I've always remembered that. He also married his co-worker's wife (Patty, who had been married to Bobby Sherman).

Tiger Woods' sponsors have bailed on him -- 7 at last count from what I heard over the weekend.

Re: Letterman, honestly, I don't think he did anything illegal. He had a fling with a co-worker. How many men have flings with co-workers? Morally wrong because he was involved with someone else? Yes. But illegal or anything that makes him out to be an ogor? No. And I can't stand Letterman, but I don't think he's guilty of anything. I'm more angry or annoyed by, say, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.