Charter Cable channels dissapeared


Charter just took away channels off my tv's and now if I want those chanels I have to pay 5.00 a month for the chance to watch them and I have 4 tvs quite a increase in monthly fees. As well when it goes off promotion thats another $20. Plus getting to be very costly in these times were in


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We feel your pain. A lot of providers have done things like this recently.

1> you could call charter and try to get a new deal ("promo") when the current deal is about to expire. This works about 70% of the time.
2> You may be able to use Dish network, I know they have a dual receiver so you can watch on two tv sets but pay for just one box. You could have 1 TV wired as the primary set, and the other 3 sets on the same wire. This would get you signal on all 4 TV sets, but the 3 on one wire would all use the same remote, and show the same channel on all 3 sets.
3> if you live in an area close to the TV transmitters, and are willing to give up "premium" and cable-only channels completely, you can get all your local channels FREE with an antenna. It's not as drastic as it sounds, most places can get 30 channels of crystal clear digital TV FREE with an antenna, many in HD, and there is no charge for extra TV sets. I get 27 channels, but I know some places that get as many as 60. You pay once for the antenna and install, and then never pay a dime again.

I would start with option one first, and see what happens ("If you don't ASK, you don't GET"). If that doesn't get you what you want, come back with more information (where you live, do you own or rent, what channels are important to you) and we'll go over other options with you.


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Yeah, if you're not locked into a contract with them, I would definitely give Charter a call and see what kind of deals they offer. Most times it takes very little effort to lower you cable or satellite bill. I did this numerous times with DirecTV. ;)