Charter Cable wants more money for Digital TV?



I have “lost” several favorite channels to the “digital” side of cable TV. Charter wants $5 per TV ($20 total) added to my bill just so I can continue to watch channels I have watched and paid for for many, many years. Perhaps it is time for people to seek legal counsel to sue based on a course of dealing under a written contract that the cable company is now deciding unilaterally to alter, amend or modify. Just saying.


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Perhaps, if you own a TV with a QAM tuner, you can still get those channels, depending on where they moved the channels to.

Not an expert on QAM, but I believe you should be able to get unencrypted digital channels 1-99. You will need a TV with a QAM tuner, and that means a newer (usually post - 2009) TV. Your old CRT analog TV won't do.

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