Charter/Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Charter/Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Good Afternoon,

We switched to Spectrum TV around 5 months ago.

We have two spectrum boxes with the URC1160's as

our remote controls.

I have a question to users that may also have these Specific Remotes.

Does the backlight on your remote control ever stay lit,

after you have put the remote down????

It's happened several times to both of our remotes.

I will turn off the TV and STB with the ALL button, then place

the remote on the end table and head up to bed.

When I come back down in the morning... the backlights on

the remote will still be lit.

I can press the OK button while its sitting on the table... and the

backlight will dim and go off.

It doesn't hurt anything.... except for running throught AA Batteries

all the time.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

This topic covered Charter/Spectrum URC1160 Remote Control, and TWC cable tv service.