Charter vs TWC Authentication Problem - TWC TV and Apps

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During the election I wanted to add the CNN Application to my Roku, and as expected, I was presented an activation code on my Roku and asked to log into a web site using my computer to authenticate (in this case, the web site is The web site asked for my provider, and since Time Warner Cable is no longer listed I selected Charter/Spectrum. This takes me automatically to the Charter authentication page, where my TWC login information doesn't work. If it matters, I'm a NYC subscriber.

Could you please add the Time Warner Cable login information to the Charter/Spectrum database so that Roku applications can be authenticated.

(And yes, I know that I can just watch CNN using the TWCTV Roku app, which is what I did, but the authentication problem is more significant than just this example).

If I did something wrong, or there's temporary workaround, please let me know.


This question is about "Charter vs TWC Authentication Problem", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.
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