Down Again on 9-19-12


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#1 suffers another outage this evening with users on Twitter reporting problems logging into the online banking website.

At this time, Chase appears to be have taken their website offline for unscheduled maintenance. There has been no mention of why a service interruption has occurred.

Earlier this morning, had experienced an unscheduled outage as reported on our site here.

The details of the outage were kept to a minimum as Chase's Twitter feed gave a brief statement, " is experiencing intermittent issues. We're working to restore full connectivity & apologize for any inconvenience."

The outage appears to be nationwide in the US according to comments on Twitter. We'll be posting updates as they come, stay tuned.

View attachment 1977 Update 6:04PM PDT: The Chase mobile app appears to be down as well this evening. The app was working at approximately 2:00PM PDT today after the first service interruption, but it appears that Chase is not allowing customers to login as of right now.

Update 6:09 PM PDT: It should be noted that Bank of America yesterday had experienced similar service interruptions. CNET is reporting that cyber hackers have threatened to attack Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange over a recent video that had mocked the Prophet Mohammad. No connection has been announced from authorities yet though.


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