Chatanooga, TN - DTV Readiness Test on 12/17/2008

Jason Fritz

Staff member
To better prepare viewers in the Tennessee Valley, all Chattanooga broadcast television stations will participate in a nationwide effort to test their readiness for the switch to digital television.

WDEF (Channel 12), WDSI (Channel 61), WFLI (Channel 53), WRCB (Channel 3), WTCI (Channel 45) and WTVC (Channel 9) will all participate at 6:28pm on Wednesday, December 17, 2008. At that time, viewers who are not ready for the digital conversion will see a message on their screen advising them what to do. If the viewer's television set is ready for the conversion, there will be no change in programming.

At 6:28pm, the stations will simultaneously interrupt regular programming on their analog channels to replicate what will happen on February 17, 2009 when all analog broadcast television stations will be required to sign off. Regular programming will be uninterrupted on each station's digital channel.
Source: Local News: Broadcasters to Conduct ''Soft'' DTV Test Dec. 17 | television, viewers, digital - Local News - WTVC