Chicago TV Reception Problems


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I received a phone call this morning from a old classmate of mine in Chicago this morning, and amongst our discussion on how life is going, he mentioned that one of the major over-the-air stations is off the air this morning. ABC (WLS) channel 7.

View attachment 1996 After poking around the news this morning, I happened upon a story posted on ABC 7's website here, which mentions that an digital broadcast tower is currently under construction.

Construction began at 8AM this morning, with intermittent pauses in work because of windy skies, but a major note at the bottom of the story says that it may take up to a week for ABC 7 to "power up" due to other work that needs to be finished after the antenna installation.

Update 8:26AM: A forum guest has mentioned that other over-the-air channels seem to be down in Chicago as well including 2, 5, 9, 32.

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