Chinese Food: Can you eat the little white noodles?


I've always wanted to know if I can eat the little noodles at the bottom of my Chinese takeout box, or will it cause some kind of damage to my stomach. :p I'm not even sure if they're noodles because they don't have the same consistency as regular noodles, but do have the shape of a noodle.
Well, they do put LEAD in just about everything today, did you check for a Proposition 65 warning on the box?

I never saw 'noodles' in the box. rice, perhaps, but unless you're referring to chow-mein it could just be the same thing as Long John Silver's does with the batter 'crispies' in all their fish platters.
I haven't tried at all that chinese take out box. I am nowadays, worrying about taking even our own burgers and pizza as i become to cautious on putting weight. leave that to someone.