Christina Applegate's battle with cancer

Christina Applegate, the star of "Samanta Who" has opted for a double mastectomy in her battle to stop cancer in its tracks. I applaud her candor in dealing with the details of a very private matter. She will have reconstructive surgery at a later time.

My hat is off to you, Christina. Wishing you good health in your journey to continued good health, and in the new season of "Samantha Who".


I think that she is very brave for doing what she did. It's takes a lot of courage to go through that and to share the experience with the public. I hope that she gets well soon.
I am truly impressed with her decision to take her battle with cancer public. The subject of cancer needs to be kept in front of the American public so we can hopefully find a cure one day. I read where she could have gone through treatment without the double mastectomy but the type of cancer and family history made her take preventative measures. Good luck to her.


Love this actress. Talented and funny. She's just got great comedic timing. Good to know she's recovering well and back at work.

Actress Christina Applegate will continue shooting her TV series "Samantha Who?" as she undergoes reconstructive breast surgery following a double mastectomy.
I agree with you Froix. She's very talented and funny. It's been fun to watch her grow and evolve from her Kelly Bundy days into the woman that she is today.


Actually her Breast cancer is not that of some case that is life threatening. Good thing she was diagnosed at an early time.:) I wish her all the best. Keep up the good work.