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This question is about "Cisco DTA 170HD low volume.", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Ordered the lowest level of TV service offered by TW. Gave me the DTA with no instructions on how to use it. Use an audio receiver for all my audio-video equipment with a 5 speaker setup. I had to turn the volume up on my system to its maximum to hear the TV broadcast. If I switched to another source without turning down the volume, I risked damaging my speakers because of the volume differential. After several months I determined to figure this out without calling the clunky and time consuming not-customer-friendly telephone support system of Time Warner. Searching on the internet, I found several solutions for other cable systems with similar problems. The online Cisco manual for the DTA 170HD was for the remote specific to the DTA and not the one supplied by TW. I finally figured out, with no guidance, that simultaneously depressing both the small button marked DTA on the bottom left of the TW supplied remote and the OK button, I could access the internal volume control for the DTA. I'm still unsure as to the exact sequence, but my experimenting brought up the internal volume control which was set almost to mute, which I maxed out and voila, normal volume controlled by the amplifier. No thanks to TW.

This topic covered Cisco DTA 170HD low volume., and TWC cable tv service.

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