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I had a Cisco ISB7500 DVR hooked up to my Panasonic TV via HDMI. One morning when going to turn on the TV the screen was black. Not wanting to mess with it, I went to the bedroom TV to see if it worked and it did, except the record function didn't work. Later in the day, I tried unplugging the DVR and plugged it back in, nothing. I tried a different TV and still nothing. I called ATT Uverse, they ran some tests and said my DVR needed to be replaced. Today, I received the new DVR, plugged it in and there was no picture. I tried a different HDMI cable and nothing. I went into the bedroom and tried the record feature and it worked on the other box. Wondering if it was my HDMI cable, I plugged the DVR in using the component cables and viola I had a picture. I tested another HDMI cable that I knew worked and there was still no picture on the HDMI input. When I went back to the component input the screen showed there was an HDCP error. I tried multiple cables and also my computer as an input on my TV using both HDMI ports and nothing. I tried updating the firmware and that didn't help either. My guess is something went wrong with the logic board of the HDMI inputs.

It seems very circumstantial that all of the sudden my TV HDMI inputs don't work anymore when the DVR box dies. Is this possible? Could the box have damaged my TV? I wouldn't think it would be the other way around (TV damaged the Cisco box). Any ideas?

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