Claim: Roll your own Aereo? SiliconDust


Have these SiliconDust devices been discussed before? They are sold out..but they look interesting.

Look here

From Gizmodo

If you're a displaced Aereo customer, or if you wanted the service but it never came to your area, here's a chance to roll your own. These SiliconDust streaming boxes capture OTA programming from any antenna, and stream it to your favorite devices. The Simple.TV even lets you hook up an external hard drive to act as a DVR. [SiliconDust Streaming Boxes, $85-$155]


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Silicon Dust tuners will work fine - on your own network. You still need an antenna at your house. A Slingbox, however, will let you do this. You will need good upload bandwidth at the origin point. You could, for example, place it at a friends house if you can't get reception OTA at your house.