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This question is about "Class Action time! Tired of the CONSTANT connectivity issues!", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Let's all get together and do it. Class action.
My story: We've had TWC for going on 6 years now, and have had problems all along. We pay for up to 300 mbps, and regularly only get up to 80. Yes, you read that, 80. Even when the technician is here. And it really is only UP TO 80. I work from home, and throughout the day it hovers around 20-30, hits 70-80 a few times, and at 4-430pm it plummets to below 20. Now, I know you people are out there saying "yeah, but it says UP TO 300". Seriously?? That's an excuse? I could see if we were complaining about only getting 260, or 280.
We have two routers in the house, because the technicians kept saying that we needed another one in the back of the house cuz that was the reason for the slow speeds. They've changed out the modem/routers every single time they've been here, each time saying it's a newer and better one. Hard wired in, we can't maintain connectivity on our Apple TV long enough to watch a movie without it disconnecting several times.
We make appointments that TWC changes at the last minute, or says it was for a different time/different day. Supervisors are supposed to be at the appointment, and they don't show up. They're supposed to call, weeks go by and they don't. We talk to billing about why we're paying for something we're not getting, and get told to wait until the issue is resolved before they can issue us a credit. Then we're told it will only be a credit for one month only, and offer us $40.
I have screen capture after screen capture of the speed test results showing the poor connectivity. And before anyone asks, yes, all of our equipment is capable of the 300mbps.
We keep getting our problem escalated - but what does that mean exactly??!! Nothing. Nothing changes, nothing gets fixed or gets better. Then we get the empty platitudes of "we're very sorry, we value you as a customer", blah blah blah.
It's time to stop griping about it and do something. If we just keep saying "yeah, but" to everything, we are giving our tacit agreement by not speaking up and saying that it isn't acceptable.
Time to find out how to contact the CEOs, CFOs, and other executives of the company and deluge them with our complaints. Yes, we're all tired of the way we're getting treated, so let's not take it anymore!

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