Classic Christmas Dragnet


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I'm used to the 1967 version of Dragnet's Christmas Story where a boy takes off with a statue of the baby Jesus. Today for the first time I saw the original version from something like 1953. They had the same actor play the priest, which I thought was cool. I like the remake better. The original felt slow to me ... but it may be that I'm just used to the later one.


How ironic. I just started watching the old classic Dragnets from about 1967-1968 on Hulu. Despite how old they are, they had some pretty good stuff on them.


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Dragnet was one of those shows that never died. It just kept coming back for a few years at a time. It was probably going to be back for one more swing had Jack Webb not died. It was going to morph Adam-12 into it after its final season.