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I recently ended up CHiPs first couple of seasons on DVD. Add to that the fourth season of Adam-12 that just came out, and I've been having some old time TV fun.

Do you buy any classic favorites on DVD?

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I bought the full series of Get Smart, Northern Exposure and the British show "The Prisoner" and if anyone recalls it, politically some of it kinda fits today ...

Jim :applause:
I do like to buy as many of my favorite TV shows on DVD as possible, but I usually wait around for a good price drop or a reasonable sale price. There is pretty much nothing that I am going to buy at a full price, unless that full price is darn good!


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Jim, a friend sent me The Prisoner. It's a strange show, that's for sure. I know it has political elements to it. The thing is, no one really knew what the rebellion was about except for McGoohan. What a mind. :}
I had actually planned on buying a lot of DVD Sets of TV shows over the holidays, but finances have been very tight and it had to wait. One DVD set that I definitely need to get soon would be Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: Complete Set with all of the various Jeremy Brett BBC series. The only problem is it usually goes for about $200! :(


I think what they charge for some of the TV series shows is pretty outrageous so I just don't buy them. Like the movies out to purchase for $25.00 a copy, I just wait long enough and can download to my DVD recorder for nothing. I do have a couple of series such as Benny Hill and then some of the bigger TV historical things like "The Brothers" but rarely do I see the price they charge.
I've never been able to get into Brett's Holmes performance. I tried a few times, but just couldn't. I'm very much a Rathbone fan of the character.
Honestly, it took me quite a while to get into Jeremy Brett's rendition of Sherlock Holmes...just because of how intense it is, but he was truly a guy who lived and breathed the character he portrayed.

Basil Rathbone's version of Sherlock Holmes was my favorite for a long time, but now I think I like Rathbone and Brett about equally in the role.


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I watched a Sherlock Holmes marathon recently and saw many of the other actors to play the part. Rathbone's was the only one I liked. Maybe it's because that's what I grew up with, but I really think he's has been the best.

Re: pricing, I wait for the sales. Wait for the right sale, and it's not that pricey.
One of the biggest things in Basil Rathbone's favor is that not only did he play the Sherlock Holmes role for many years on the big screen, but he also played the role on the radio for many years as well. He may not have had the intensity of Jeremy Brett, but Rathbone played the role in arguably it's most definitive way.


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And it stopped by his choice. The studios wanted more, but he decided it was time to move on. That's the way to do it - always leave them wanting more.
If I remember right about the Basil Rathbone situation, the studios actually WERE trying to offer him MORE money to stay on as Sherlock Holmes, but he just felt it was time to move on. Sadly a few years later though, he began to regret his situation to quit the role, and it just makes you wonder what would of happened IF Rathbone stayed on to play Sherlock Holmes for longer.


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You are correct. It was totally Rathbone's decision. They did want more. Actors are like anyone else. They want diversity. The problem is that they often end up walking away from their biggest success and regretting it. Many times, you never hear from them again after they leave a hit part or role. We see it all the time.
Basil Rathbone did have a number of other roles besides Sherlock Holmes, but there is little doubt that he is mostly remembered for Sherlock Holmes, and considering how long he played the role and how masterful he was at it, I think that's a large reason why.