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Have had problems with tv and internet for about a month now. I have our 3rd tech visit tomorrow...which will undoubtedly result in a "everything's fine". It's not. My wife and I are both teachers and have spent FAR too much time apologizing to students due to drops. Here's a list of what happened

1. Heavy pixelation during super bowl...several refresh signals and other troubleshooting steps didn't resolve it, so we scheduled a tech visit

2. Tech visit 1 - signal was fine and box was fine...was ok for about a week after

3 . Tech visit 2 - guy was very helpful and said I was losing signal at the dvr... so we rerouted cabling and eliminated 2 splits . New signal was stronger, but the intermittent pixelation still occured along with literally every possible error message

4. Exchanged box at store (wasn't done on either tech visit). Seemed to improve things until today. Light pixelation accompanied by several internet drops. Internet fixes itself after a minute without troubleshooting, but drops a few times an hour.

5. Called to schedule tech visit number 3 in 4 weeks. On the phone, the operator said my modem (self owned) is offline. It is functions most of the day just with drops. He couldn't get any info from the modem despite it working.

6. Several neighbors have had issues, but haven't called because they're not constant and they aren't remote learning/teaching like our house is.

If something is wrong, CLEARLY , with something in the neighborhood...who can I report it to and where? I cannot imagine the tech visit tomorrow will result in any meaningful changes as we haven't seen improvement yet. It's not only incredibly's effecting our ability to do our jobs. I do not blame the techs or call center as they have all tried hard...but 200 bucks a month is too much for this considering the importance of consistent service at this time.

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