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Do you get a kick out of any of today's commercials? I really am commercial'd out, but there are still some really cute and clever ones out there that I have to give a nod to.

I still enjoy some (not all but some) of Geico's gekko ads, and I think this new one with the dog worrying about his bone is a hoot. All that worry! lol
Geico's made the Gecko more my favorite since their newest ones are with that annoying wad of money with the eyes.

Amnesty International pulled a creepy one i'm still not too sure about. shows a lot of weirdo military types grabbing their names and floating off to the heavens in little balloons that were their names. says at the end "your signature is more important than you think" at the end, with a web link. i don't plug in random links without further investigation but i have to say it's the creepiest one ever. it has some annoying japanese muzak to the point of MUTE being absolutely neccessary.

Then there's this one on WEHT-DT 25.1. it basically says "your kidneys...filter xxxx amount of liquid per's show them some love....and that's it. no org or even a logo. then says 'In Service to your Community' from News25. ooooh kay?????

With ads like that taking over, i long for the days of the 1980s ones with the catchy 80s pop jingles. or even hark back to the 60s with plop plop fizz of these days i'm going to invent a Mute feature which also blanks the screen. lord knows enough of them are so bad i can't even stand to look at them. like those 'Nightline Singles' hotties who apparently assume that if you're up late at night, you MUST be alone and in need of something i can't mention here. damnit jim, i have a girlfriend! is it a crime to be up late at night when you're in love? maybe if i believed in marriage perhaps...
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The 60's commercials were the best. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Even the 70's had some goods ones. I miss all those Barry Manilow jingles!
oh how about Swine Flu '76? lol!

I can go on and on about the '70s:

1. Give a hoot, don't pollute!

2. Mr. Yuck

3. Swine Flu '76

4. The Magnavox Touch-Tune TV

need i go further?
The other day, I read that Mean Joe Greene finally received an award for his role in the classic Coke commercial that came out in the 1970s. Seems a little late, but better late than never.