Clicking links invokes 'save as' dialog

Why? occasionally when clicking links on websites (such as the links for threads here) i get 'save target as' instead. why?


1.3GHz Pentium III
Puppy Linux 4.3
Seamonkey 1.1
Two-button HP PS2 Mouse

Why does this happen at random? It's so freaking annoying! far as i'm concerned i'm doing nothing which involves a right click--> save target as since i'm simply left-clicking a link. it just gives me 'Save As' over and over again until i reload a few times (or right-click-->open link in new tab)
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Should only do that by right clicking, only thing i could think of causing that to happen is a bad mouse. Is the mouse very old?


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I remember having this problem a while ago but it went away on its own (probably due to a system update). It wasn't a consistent problem, but once every 10 clicks or so it would do that. Sometimes it'd do it about 10 times in a row and then not do it again for a while.

Sorry I have no advice.

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It's an HP PS/2 mouse. i find that if i slam the living hell outta it it starts working again. i Still cannot understand why a single-left-click makes it do right click and save as instead. that defies logic since it would take two clicks even if i was using the right mouse button?


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Maybe you do have a defective mouse that isn't properly responding to your commands. As for number of clicks, it's possible to do a right click in one move if it slides the right way. I've had that happen.
it's odd though that the phenomenon only happens on links. not icons or desktop shortcuts or even the address bar of the browser. i can scroll fine with the scroll bars on the browser and drag and drop? just left-clicking links gives me the 'save target as' until a few times later or when i get angry and slam the mouse...that seems to fix it but it's possible my slamming the mouse isn't what fixes it--just ironic that it works awhile after.