Close to towers in multiple directions with trees in the way


Hello, I am close to towers in multiple directions and have one big tree in the way. I have the wineguard wave antennae and it works decent, but I can only use it on the front wall of my house against the window. I want to get an attic antennae so I can run the cable to any wall. Looking for a recommendation on an antennae and set up. Thanks, I attached my tvfool.
Hey, iflyu. Your TVFool doesn't appear to be working. Can you repost it using the hyperlink icon? It's the one the looks like a globe with a little paperclip in front of it.

Type "TV Fool" and select it. Then click the icon. A box will pop up and ask you for the address. paste your TV Fool address in there. It will look like this when you're done, except the "(" and ")" will be square brackets.

(URL="")TV Fool(/URL)

And the finished product will look like this after you post:

TV Fool