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I have been studying internet TV for end users for a few weeks now. I am currently using a PC with an HDMI cable and watching the internet TV on the large screen.

Among my problems is finding programs with CC or subtitles for watching with my spouse who is hearing impaired. Finding programs with CC or subtitles seems to be hit-or-miss. I can find no listings.

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Not sure how much I can help you out, but there are a few shows on Hulu that offer closed captioning options (Family Guy and The Simpson's were a couple from what I recall). Also, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt blogged backed in 2010 here ( about offering CC services on Netflix, but I haven't seen much more about that lately.


We have discovered how to use Hulu to find some TV programs with CC. Under the ''browse TV" there is a filter to browse for programs only with CC. Many of the other options have no CC so one looking for captioning should use the broadest search terms. Hint; each time one goes to browse one must reset the CC filter as it seems to turn itself off after each and every search effort.

BTW, under profile Hulu has a place to set up captions in white, black or yellow and this seems to be a relatively permanent setting.


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Netflix is starting to offer subtitling of English language movies, and some are already available. All foreign language films are subtitled already.

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