Cloud DVR Questions and Problems



I unexpectedly had Cloud DVR service added to my account last week. I have an X1 box that is NOT a DVR, so the only recording I can do is to the cloud.

How does the cloud DVR service work? Is my cable box actively involved in the recording? I mean, is my cable box sending a signal back to Comcast which is then recorded by Comcast? Or is all recording handled in Comcast's back end?

After working flawlessly, for several days, I have just had my first experience with "Sorry, there was a problem with playback of this dvr recording". I had three recordings made over the same two-hour period, and they all had problems with choppy, stuttery playback and frequently stopping to display that error message. Since this is a cloud DVR, is the problem with Comcast's backend, or could my equipment be involved?

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