Imagine for a second what you'd get if your new widescreen TV married your DVR, internet connection, set-top box, tv antenna and a on-demand media streamer all at the same time. What you'd get is cloud.nine, an internet/cloud based set-top hybrid that is set to start a revolution and push broadcast's flaggling market into the spotlight by offering the medium a techological advantage over both cable and satellite tv and turn heads back towards the medium for the first time in decades.

Although cloud.nine's main draw will be it's interactive programming guide; a device that is all but missing from the broadcast television market. The real excitment will be the advanced interactive cloud based DVR styled features the program guide will perform, without the actual need for a DVR. Offering not only the standard Pause, Rewind and Scheduler but using video server technology called PUSH.D, the ability to "tag" your favorite program(s) to que/save automatically (based on air/release dates and user preferences) within your "account" and watch them across not just your television but all your digital devices within it's 'cloud".

Ok ......I've got a conference coming up......this is the chance for REAL watchers to throw in and offer input....I'll be presenting this at a conference I'm going to for Advance Technology in Entertainment.....what's else is the dream box going to do? Real people that can get shit like this DONE and worked on.......throw it at me.....


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interactive programming guide; a device that is all but missing from the broadcast television market.
Broadcast TV's EPG contains a lot of information that TV manufacturers ignore. You're lucky if your have even a "now / next" EPG on most TV sets. It would be so easy to read that info into a guide, or use TVGOS, or even better yet for internet enabled TV sets, TitanTV integration.

I have my DTVpal converter box connected to my 52" living room HDTV for it's program guide, and to feed a DVD recorder. The TV only tells me what's on when I'm tuned to that channel. Pushing the "guide" button on the TV just brings up a list of available channels.

And of course, there's the channels that don't populate their EPG or TVGOS... I hate that.
TitanTV was and still is my original idea for the actually software to run the guide...I believe their most efficient and would save TONS of time but ..the TWO biggest huddles...the cloud based "non linear" DVR styled functions and the advance PUSH. technology that will.would have to be in place for the whole system to work.....this would be a chip set with a scanner/tuner that would PLUG IN a set of web infused and undatable "pre-programmed" channels (based on zip-code and region) most of the sub channels are down ( but the agreement would be ONLY till they aren't available in the region)


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Sounds like a great idea.

I agree with Mr Pogi too about the EPG. I have a Mitsubishi TV that has to be tuned to each channel to see what's on, and what's coming up next. I wish it would populate a list of what's on when I press the guide button, but instead and like Mr Pogi, all I see is channels and no info.
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