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This post is more of a top level streaming issue as opposed to just watching TV on the Roku - but not sure where to post this.

Several channels when watching "Live" via Roku or iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) have stuttering audio and video. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

CNBC seems to be the most blatant example - trying to watch Shark Tank in the evenings is an exercise in futility. The video and audio constantly stutter, buffer, and will blank out and then repeat the last 5 or 10 seconds. My wife and I have given up watching that channel until this is fixed. The History Channel does the same thing, but to a lesser extent, so programs are at least mostly watchable. Some channels (TBS, Comedy Central) don't seem to have any stuttering issues.
I have TWCMaxx (300Mbps) and Gigabit wiring in my house - so it is not because of a bandwidth issue.
It's also an issue with multiple devices (Roku, iPad, iPhone - all running the latest updates).
Can someone please look into this?

This question is about "CNBC and other channels streaming video and audio stuttering", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.
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