Question: CNN Documentaries

A CNN original documentaries called The Sixties (no need to say what it's about!) went to air last week. Documentaries and original factual series seem to have been CNN's calling card over the past year or so - I suppose anything to distract viewers from the actual news reporting! They're a mixed bag, but the quality is usually above and beyond what the news desk are capable of.

What are best/worst CNN documentaries? What do you think of CNN's documentaries in general?


Hmm. I don't have any that come to mind. I used to get CNN but not any longer. Just when I thought every possible archival film had been used in yet another 60s documentary.


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The only thing I watch on CNN is Anthony Bourdain. I have to wait until I visit someone with cable or wait for it to become available online.
Netflix does have quite a few CNN documentaries. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and Blackfish are the highlights of their collection. The Sixties has the usual archival footage standards but I was impressed at the breadth and depth of the footage they unearthed for the show (outtakes, unreleased footage etc.). The history is pretty basic, though!

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