CNN freezes several times an hour using streaming service - XFinity

We are using an Xfinity router/modem. We are using Firestick controls and with only one TV in use at a time the image freezes for roughly 10-20 seconds several times an hour. Rarely, other channels freeze momentarily but of the channels we watch regularly CNN is the worst. It is annoying. I don't think it's the CNN signal as we have had Xfinity cable in the past and this didn't happen. We have had technicians to the house twice recently (shortly after switching to streaming) before I recognized the problem was mostly confined to CNN and they found no problems with our service. Please advise...hoping it is fixable.

Also, there is A LOT of seemingly needless button pushing to pick or switch channels--much worse than YouTube TV was. Can we expect this to improve as you move past BETA stage?

This question, "CNN freezes several times an hour using streaming service," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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