Coalition warns against sale of ‘white spaces’ spectrum


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A coalition of consumer groups and technology companies is urging members of the congressional supercommittee to preserve unlicensed television spectrum, otherwise known as "white spaces."

The letter notes that a variety of technologies use unlicensed spectrum, including garage door openers, remote controls, Bluetooth devices and baby monitors.

"Unlicensed spectrum has been, and continues to be, a powerful catalyst for innovation and job creation," wrote the coalition, which includes Google, Microsoft and Public Knowledge.

"Super Wi-Fi," the next generation of long-distance wireless Internet access, would rely on unlicensed television spectrum. Its Internet signals would be able to travel for miles and through brick walls.

The groups argued that Super Wi-Fi would give the United States a technological edge over other countries.

"If unlicensed spectrum in the TV band is eliminated, the United States will not for the foreseeable future be able to recover the economic opportunity and will likely fall behind the rest of the world," the groups warned.
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So, are unlicensed whitespace advocates the enemy or friend of free wireless (broadcast) digital television?

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So ...

According to the article, the plan is to eliminate your right to have a baby monitor so people like ex-Congressman Weiner has spectrum available to continue SEXT-messaging minor girls.

I didn't realize baby monitors use television frequencies - (because that's BS). This article confuses "white space" with current television spectrum and other itinerant frequencies such as the VHF "color-dot" channels.

From the article:
Four members of the supercommittee urged President Obama on Friday to reallocate some federal government spectrum for commercial use. They also voiced their support for encouraging television broadcasters to put spectrum up for auction.
Really? That's supposed to be a good idea?

The US is a gazillion dollars in debt and eliminating free OTA TV as well as US MILITARY frequencies is supposed to be the silver-bullet to fix Washington's overspending? More BS. :director: