Colorado fire victim gets hit with $400 DirecTV fee


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The United States has seen its share of natural disasters in recent times which, as the dust settles, often brings up issues of the individual versus the big bad corporation in one way or another. This week yet another example of company greed and lack of compassion was exhibited by a representative of DirecTV to one of its customers, Jeremy Beach.

View attachment 2439 Beach is a resident of Colorado which is still besieged by multiple fires. The man's home literally burned to the ground on June 12 as the Black Forest fire ravaged the lands near Colorado Springs. Luckily, Beach managed to get his pregnant-with-twins wife, five-year-old son, and two dogs out safely. Most everything else turned to ash, including a rabbit and some chickens.

Before the tragedy could settle, he began the business of notifying services and providers of his plight. According to Beach, he received understanding everywhere but with the satellite giant. They told him he would have to fork over $400 for the dish and two receivers taken out by the ravaging fire.

The company did the same thing last year for those affected by the Waldo Canyon fire. The rationale per the company is that homeowner's insurance should reimburse the affected for the loss. That's exactly what the DirecTV rep told Beach this week.

However, was told by another spokesman that policy is to show compassion and they are attempting to contact Beach with an apology and to let him know they will help him through this time of difficulty.

Naturally, this has reignited the controversy surrounding unfeeling corporations who want their money regardless of the circumstances affecting their customers.