Combined/Bundled AT&T and DirecTV, and now everthing is a DISASTER!!! What the heck?

Combined/Bundled AT&T and DirecTV, and now everthing is a DISASTER!!! What the heck?

Ok, I've been an ATT wireless customer since 1995. I now have 2 phone on my account, same number since 1995. I also manage a business account with 672 devices (iphones and ipads) through the Premier site.

I also have been a DirecTV customer since about 1998 or 1999 (forget exact year). A few months ago I get a mailer saying we can get a decent discount if we Bundle the AT&T and DirecTV accounts into one bill for being loyal customers of both. So my wife and I do so. This is when the FUN has begun, and just won't stop!!
1. We DID NOT GET THE DISCOUNTS promised. So we called 4 or 5 times (basically monthly) to fight with customer service to ensure we get credited the $10 a month plus extra services and discounts we were promised. And yes, I still have the original mailer. We spend hours on the phone trying to get the proper credits each month. WASTE OF TIME.

2. None of the applications work properly now on the iphone and iPad. I can log onto the new AT&T apps, and view or pay my bill. But when I click on TV service and select DirecTV, the original DirectTV app then starts up and asks to login to DirecTV account. I have tried the att credentions, I tried the old directv credentials and I have tried all combinations of the two, and none work. I then click "Forgot ID" and it emails me the ID (same one I was entering), and I put it in and say "Reset Password". The response is the "User ID is invalid". So I go around in CIRCLES. I have not called Tech support 4 or 5 times and they can NOT solve it. I'm on the phone now with them, going on 2 hours and 45 minutes, still can't fix it. WASTE OF TIME!

3. Just received my latest invoice, again, the credits and discounts are NOT on it. ????? I'm not calling again and spending 3 hours on the with customer service to get my $10!!!! I'm about 2 minutes from canceling ALL SERVICES with both of these companies.

4. EVEERY SINGLE TIME I call either AT&T, OR DirecTV for billing, for tech support, to order something... I spend 20 minutes saying "Yes", "No", "Customer Service", "Technical Support"... bla bla bla with the dang Automated attendants that do NOT work properly and never have the correct options that I require. And much worse, when i finally get somebody on the line after answering all the silly irrelvent questions (no, I do NOT have please call extension 732 on te TV!!!), I am of course in the WRONG dang department. So all that automation was a complete waste of time. So they transfer me to the correct dept, but un-fortunitely, even the "right department" for my issue can't even help me anymore, because my accoutn is now locked and in the special "Bundled Accounts area". So now they transfer me to this special "Bundled accounts" department and of course I start out at the beginning again answering the silly questions, and agian NO, I don't see the dang 732 extension on my F'in TV!! KRYKEEEEEEE!!!!

I could go ON and ON and ON and ON with this bull donkey since being bundled together. I'm ready to just disconnect all this crap and go find other providers. And they can both loose a 20+ year customer. Maybe I should move my almost 700 business devices (and $100k per MONTH) and find new providers????

This question, "Combined/Bundled AT&T and DirecTV, and now everthing is a DISASTER!!! What the heck???," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.