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Hey All,
I am in the process of combining two DB8 antennas, using a backwards splitter. Having great luck picking up locales in Winston Salem, NC (around 85-100%) but no so much luck picking up out of town channels. The weird thing is that I seem to pick up these other channels from Charlotte, NC when one of the antennas is pointing in the opposite direction, getting signal from back of antenna, usually get about a 60% signal. I have both antennas on the same mast. and are using the same exact cables run to the splitter. Would it help to separate them? I have included my Tvfool location below. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rod ... 9d901dcb4f


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Yes, as Pogi pointed out your TVfool link isn't working.

You do lose signal off of an antenna when it is connected to another antenna pointed in a differen't direction. The normal loss is about 4 dBs. One way to get around that is to run two cables and use an A-B switch at the TV. The other much more expensive solution is to buy custom band pass/block filters. ;) But, I can tell you more when you get us a working TVfool link.


I pulled up an estimated TV Fool for the Winston-Salem, NC area, & this is what I spotted. If WCYB is important, then a DB8 won't pick up this station, as it's on RF 5. That is the only VHF-Lo station that's on the list, while there's about another 3 or 4 that are VHF-Hi, & might be possible to get with a DB8, though I always recommend an actual VHF antenna for VHF stations over using a DB4 or DB8 for VHF, just because the results vary, & don't always work for everyone. Unless we know which stations Rodwalls (guest) wants to get, then we can't fully help out. Regardless, there are a few VHF stations that a DB8 may not pickup (especially not WCYB being on RF 5, if important).


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I am in the process of combining two DB8 antennas
Just don't cross the streams. That would be bad.

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Seriously, though, do post a good link to TVfool and we will help you out.