Comcast Adds 50 HD Channels In New Jersey


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, ugh,. I'm unexcited. Then again, I always am since I don't freakin' care about HD. LOL I want to see them add something where I live that means something to me. Won't happen.


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That probably means that only 1/3 of those are "single" channels.

Last time I counted, there were about 20 or so channels, which one could see on one or two other channel numbers. (Identical programming on as many as THREE channels in several instances)

Just another Comcast "trick" to sensationalize their lineup and bait one into subscribing to their crappy service.

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This is actually a major upgrade and warrants praise, not indifference or complaint, but that just goes to show how ingrained the inclination to be disaffected runs afaic. These areas are areas that had a very crappy cable company (a cable company that was actually crappy, as compared to the bogus claims of crappiness that are often lobbed on Comcast), and this expansion represents Comcast taking a big risk investing a lot of money upgrading facilities, and investment that that area may not actually warrant on its own merits as a consumer-base.

I have no affiliation or association with Comcast.
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