Comcast cable question



I just moved into an apartment and had Comcast come out and connect cable. Everything is working fine, but I only had one TV connected at the time. So my question is, do I have to pay more to connect 2 more TV's in different rooms, even if they already have cable outlets?


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You pay for each set top box you need. If you want just channels through 99, Comcast has a free box you can add in your rooms. If you want all of the other 100 and higher channels, you will need regular set top boxes. Rate is something like $8 each additional box, but again, the smaller free ones are great. They just only give you up to channel 99.


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Depending on level of service, get 'em now! My bill that arrived today said that starting July 1, for those not already in place, there will be a $1.99 charge. There are some ins and outs to this, but the moral of the story is better now, than later.

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