Political Discussion: Comcast Campaign Giving Jumps by Half as U.S. Weighs NBC Deal


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From Businessweek.com

Comcast Campaign Giving Jumps by Half as U.S. Weighs NBC Deal

Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Comcast Corp. increased political giving by more than half as the biggest U.S. cable company sought federal approval to buy General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal.
From December 2009, when the deal was reached, through August 2010, Comcast’s contributions to federal candidates and political parties rose to $1.1 million from $682,450 in the same period two years earlier, Federal Election Commission records show. The money came from the company-run political action committee that funnels donations from employees.

“That’s buying political favors,” Mark Cooper, research director of the Consumer Federation of America in Washington, said in an interview. “This full-court press on Congress is out of the ordinary.”

Fringe Reception

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As I recall, before being elected our fearless leader guaranteed us there would be NO MORE WASHINGTON LOBBIESTS. I've lost count ...

Since 'private sector big business' is continually being attacked by the administration, there seems to be a disconnect here: obviously this jump in their contribution must mean they expect NO favors from Washington.

Right? :horse:

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