Comcast Cloud Based DVR: A Closer Look

There are two things that have become incredibly important in the modern world: cloud computing and watching television any time that you like. Comcast has taken all of their subscribers one step further to having the very best in both of these with their new Cloud Based DVR known as X1.

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What Is The X1?

The X1 is the newest offering that will change the way Comcast customers think about DVR. With X1, and the help of 500gb of online storage, customers will be able to view all of their recordings on any of their smart devices, including iPads, iPhones, etc. It won’t work on a PC, but that might be coming in the future.

Customers will “Check out” recordings and download them onto the devices using an Xfinity app. By signing in with the account information from Comcast, you’ll easily be able to have access to all of your recordings without having to be at home to transfer them. This cloud based technology is very popular right now and Comcast is trying hard to capitalize on it. People are moving away from only watching TV shows on their television and want to have access to everything all the time. This device makes it possible without even having a massive hard drive inside of it.

It isn’t just that, however, since the X1 DVR also has the ability to use a variety of different apps that are on the market, including Facebook, Pandora, and Twitter. That isn’t anything new, but it certainly adds to the appeal.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, though, many other DVR manufacturers have already started doing this. TiVo for example started making the switch and is focusing a lot less on relying on the old set top boxes that they became famous for. There are a lot of changes happening, though, and many people are ditching cable altogether. More and more people are switching to Netflix, Hulu and the like, but Comcast has somehow found a way to actually increase their customer base, and this might be just the way to do it.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a lot offered with the X1 DVR, but it isn’t cheap. The first year of services comes in at $99 a month. Digital video recording will be free for the first six months of service, but then adds $10 a month onto your bill. In total, cable service with the cloud based DVR will run about $110 for the first year that you use it. That might be more than many people are willing to spend when they could have a cheaper device that accomplishes something similar. For ease of use, though, you get what you pay for.

Who Can Get One?

Only Comcast customers can receive it right now, since it is a Comcast service, but it is also only available in a couple of major cities. Boston will be added this year and more are planned to follow, although Comcast hasn’t given out any specifics.

Is The X1 The Future?

The X1 is definitely where technology is headed when it comes to entertainment. People are watching their television shows on any number of devices and want to have the ability to record them and watch them whenever they like. That isn’t something that a lot of companies provide and Comcast might have the upper hand if this particular DVR picks up steam.

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