Comcast doing away with set top boxes?


After I got my set top box this past week, I found this article yesterday

Comcast, the United States' largest cable operator, says the set-top box's days are numbered.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, CEO Brian Roberts predicted in a keynote address that by the end of the year, "virtually the entire cable industry will support Tru2way," an "open cable" standard that would render the bulky boxes moot by directly integrating any U.S. cable provider's service with a variety of devices. Initial partners in the Tru2way endeavor include Motorola, TiVo, Intel, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Cisco Systems, and Sun Microsystems.

Roberts also showed off a device, unveiled on Monday, that Comcast has co-branded with another partner, Matsu************a Electric Industrial unit Panasonic. The AnyPlay, which has an 8.5-inch display screen, can record up to 60 hours of video, and it plays DVDs and CDs. It is slated to begin selling in the United States later this year.
The end of the cable set-top box? Yes, Comcast says | News Blog - CNET News

It completely contradicts what I posted in my other thread, but how likely is Comcast to stop using set top boxes? This article was written last year too.


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It'll probably be a slow roll out, too. Sacramento is last to get everything so it may come but I'm guessing the surrounding areas get it first. It will be a good thing, though. The HD boxes are big, hot, and noisy.


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First off, If you mean by my HD Box being replaced by some wire device then I will have to protest against it. for one, I don't have the remote controls to all of my tvs which means I will be forced to purchase them. secondly where is the HDMI going to plug in. Will it just be a little box attached to the coaxle? you should try and find a diagram of said object. I admit i hate the big boxes but not all tvs have 800 channels built into them. how will we be able to view all of the premium Hi Defs?

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