Comcast dropped channels for 3 years and Tivo - XFinity

For the last 3 years my mother and I receive the correct channel lineup from Comcast for a week or a month and then 15 to 25 channels drop. We have spent at least 80 hours or more with Comcast and Tivo with appointments (and missed appointments), on the phone with tech support having the cable card reset, adding a power adapter, changing out the modem, changing out the cable cards, on the phone with Tivo to go over every piece of software, an experimental change out of Tivo equipment and after Comcast resets the channels and we receive all the channels we - 15 to 25 channels drop within a few days, a week or month later.
Comcast has blamed Tivo stating Tivo is changing the cable card. But Tivo states that is simply not technically possible. One suggestion is Comcast tech records has the correct channel lineup but billing does not have the correct lineup.
Please help me find a resolution. My mother who is 82 has already had 2 on site visits from Comcast to change out and add equipment, I have changed out the cable cards and reset the system so many times I cannot count; none of which solved the problem. For over 3 years my mother and I have not received the channels we want, have been paying for and need to watch. Any suggestions on how to finally solve this?

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