Comcast dropped my Viceland channel - XFinity

Comcast dropped Viceland from my channel lineup. Viceland is one of the only channels I watched. My contract is about over, I may have to move to Google Fiber. Comcast should be ashamed for trying to rip off it's customers. Fifty or more channels of informercials at night, then moving highly viewed basic channels to the preferred plan to rip off thier customers.

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The same thing for me and, like the poster of this thread, is one of the only channels I find worth watching. In the rapidness of change we are all living through right now, people need a realistic medium to grasp a deeper understanding of the world around us. is in my opinion a great example of this and also airs programs which provide more insight into the elusive and more controversial content than what seems to be avoided by your typical journalism.
Com.casts decision to remove this important channel from their basic lineup; Its a punch to the gut of anyone from our situation simply trying to stay aware, to those hoping to be part of the new movement underway...

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