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i see comcast has dropped the bomb again and moved viceland channel from general lineup. i suspect its been moved to a paid lineup. this is how they make money. its like they are saying to you..."if you want to continue enjoying your favorite shows like viceland, you will have to pay more for premium. theres nothing to stop us from doing this. we are a big corporation. youre just a puny speck of dust." i remember few years ago, they dropped both TRU-TV and spikeTV 2 of my fave channels, gone. looks like ill have to scrounge around vice website and youtube if i want to watch shows from viceland. when they got rid of trutv and spike, i really didnt give it much thought. after vice dropped, i took notice of it. for now, all i can do is complain here and on blogger. if comcast can bring back viceland, that would be a wonderful miracle...only in a fantasy scenario

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I hate viceland. I blocked it from my channel lineup and put a password on it and other channels owned by a&e because i hate what they did to H2.

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