Question: comcast dta convertor box


I have internet with comcast, to save money i put a cable into my tv, and got all the chanels i wanted, but now they are doing this dta convertor box thing and i lost most my chanels, is there a box i can buy at a store or possibly buy one of these boxes from a comcast custumer who only needs one, or am i going to have to give more money to the disgusting tyrants at comcast


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Call them and ask for a DTA box for free. If they tell you there's a charge, or try to get you to upgrade to a converter box, demand a DTA box. A lot of people on here and other forums get them from cable companies for free.


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I've mentioned this before as well ........ it's just for channels up to 99, so nothing premium or HD as has been said. But ... there is no charge for it and it should not be a hassle to get .

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