Comcast filmography database problems ?

For the last 4 or 5 days when I click on the info button for any
TV show, and then look at the bio for any actor all I get is the
exact same 5 word description for every actor:

Appeared in Film, TV, music.

This seems like a system problem and neighbors confirmed
the same problem when I questioned them.

When I call the Xfinity help line they have no idea how to
fix the problem and they act like it is the first time they
have had this question.

I am in suburban Philadelphia.

I hate to keep calling Comcast for help with a question
because the automated
screening menu frequently leads me to a point where
none of the options make any sense so I have to go back
up the menu and start all over again.

Calling them with a question that a call center can't solve
is doubly annoying.

Anyone know if Comcast has recently changed their database
source for some reason or if this is going to be a permanent
problem ?

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