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XFinity-Comcast channel programming, Comcast + FS1 + NLCS = Crappy Overscanning?, I have been pulling my hair out with the crappy support that Comcast and FS1 have offered over their lame overscanning of the 2016 National League Championship series, Game 2.

I watched Game 1 of the Dodgers at the Cubs on FS1/Comcast last night and there were no problems whatsoever.

I watched Game 2 of the Dodgers at the Cubs on FS1/Comcast tonight and the overscanning problem was HORRIBLE.

At least 10% of the picture image was missing on the left hand side of the screen, and at least 10% of the picture image was missing on the right hand side of the screen. Worst of all, I confirmed that the problem was new onset (appeared on tonight;s game but not on last night's game) and that my Box and TV image settings had not been changed from last night's settings, and that the new problem was due to a broadcast configuration error, either by FS1 in their transmission to Comcast, or by Comcast in their retransmission to customers. So I called Comast Tech Support and I got a know-nothing numbskull on the line...


My TV is an LG 1080 HDTV, which has adjustable scan ratios. I confirmed that the image was NOT set to Zoom, and I tried using the 4:3, 16:9 and auto select settings. Each one resulted in the same problem -- The locations of the on-screen data were mislocated identically, such that the pop-up dialog boxes were not fully visible on-screen.

For example:

When Fox Sports1 displayed their logo on the Left side of the screen, all that was visible on-screen was the "X". The F and the O and the left hand border were all cropped off due to overscanning.

On the Right Side of the Screen:

The "FS1" logo in the upper right corner displayed an "F" but the rest was off-screen.

When Fox Sports1 displayed the ballgame status box on the right side of the screen, only the "R" column of the "RHE" scorebox was visible.

The name of the pitcher and the batter were chopped off so badly that none of the players' statistics were visible on-screen.

The simulated baseball diamond that shows the positions of men on base was fully chopped off -- it was not visible at any time during the game.

I even tried watching the game in 4:3 resolution, which displayed a small 4:3 image in the middle of the 50-inch screen, and even the 4:3 rendering of the image, located in the middle of a largely blank HDTV screen, was cropped just as badly.

I tried every setting on the TV to make adjustments to assure that there was no overscanning in effect, and no zooming. I selected every possible mode to see if any improvement could be made. The problem remained at every TV setting, and the cropping of the image seemed to be attributable to a cropped input signal rather than cropping by my TV set.

I tried watching the HD output (HDMI cable from box connected to HDMI input on TV) and the image remained badly cropped.

I tried watching the LD output (Coax output from cable box to antenna input on TV) and the image remained badly cropped.

It would seem that someone at FS1 made the decision to relocate the on-screen data displays for Game 2 out to the far edges of the screen, compared to how they were located for Game 1. With Game 1 everything was fine, everything was visible. With Game 2 none of the on-screen data was visible. It was very frustrating trying to watch a game when I couldn't get the batter's pitch count, the pitcher's pitch count, the Inning display or the men on base display, or even the complete score. Talk about awful!

To summarize:
I verified that the TV configuration was not the problem.
I verified that the Comcast box was not configured improperly.
I called Comcast and complained, and the customer service associate couldn't understand what I meant by "overscanning" or "image cropping."
I wasn't able to call FS1 because there's no way to contact them.

Did anyone else have a problem with the FS1 broadcast of Game 2 of the National Leauge Championship Series? The screen formatting of the transmission was so poor that I want to cancel my service. Unfortunately, Comcast support was even worse than the picture itself. Very frustrating.

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