Comcast Internet Problems


My girlfriend out in Utah is having problems with her Comcast internet and online gaming. And these jerks want to charge her to talk to her over the phone to handle a problem that is on their end. They just recently did some overhauling of the network out there and now he is getting lag issues ingame.


Wow Taki, they want to charge her for tech support? They probably consider the issue a user problem and not Comcast because of it being related to gaming. She may want to try and call back and (In no way am I condoning a lie) trying to restate the problem without letting them know it's for gaming.

Maybe we can help her out here gaming is my forte. ;) I run a few gaming PCs on a couple of PCs at my apartment. It's kind of a side hobby of mine.


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Comcast is one of the worst internet providers out there. They are overpricing their service and most of the time, the service is downright awful. The speed on the internet connection is slow compared to their advertised speeds and you get a lot of downtime.

Most of all, they limit how much GB or speed you can use a month! So if you stream a lot or use your internet a lot, they will disconnect you.


Whew, I guess I should be grateful that I haven't had these kinda of problems with my Comcast company. Thankfully, their internet service hasn't given me any problems and I practically live on the thing. I was having trouble for a few months. But once I switched from Internet Explorer over to Firefox they stopped.


We haven't had any problems with Comcast internet and are very satisfied. We've had it for about 4 years and it has only gone down once. I guess the maintenance in our area is excellent.


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A lot can depend on what area of the country you are in.I expect that all of the problems you have experienced will slowly work their way out west.I think that this may all be a process of setting us up for another infrigment of on out so far unregulated web.
Wow that is awful that they want to charge your girlfriend for tech support. Isn't that what customer service is for? Now maybe if you call like over 10 times a month then yeah I much did they charge?


I have to agree, I used to live in Utah and experienced the same problem with non gaming issues. I know it was on their end and not mine because of my computer background. They wanted to charge for a service and this is because their call centers are not in the area they are servicing, and would rather you have to pay for a service and just suffer with what goes on. I would check with another provider and get wi-fi if you can. Would have to know the area in utah to suggest a provider.

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