Comcast-NBC Merger, Online Video Access and the FCC

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Web Video Future at Heart of Comcast, NBC Review - ABC News

From the article:

"It won't be long before video from the Internet is always within reach — whether it's on a smart phone, a tablet computer or a high-end television in your living room.

But what if there's nothing worth watching?" ...

... "Comcast has been resisting federal regulators' efforts to tear down some of those walls, arguing that those efforts are unnecessary because NBC Universal accounts for about 10 percent of television viewing in the U.S. and less than 10 percent of U.S. box office revenue — and is therefore too small to dictate how the industry will develop.But the two sides are close to an agreement, which could pave the way for the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department to approve the deal as early as this week." ...

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