Comcast owning NBC? Tell the FCC – keep the cable giant’s hands off NBC!


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From Consumer's Union:

Comcast owning NBC? From bad to worse!

The long, drawn out battle over who gets to see NFL Football gave us all a window into the kind of control over programming that Comcast will have if it owns NBC.

Comcast claims nothing will change. We don’t believe it. The combined company would own USA Network, SciFi Channel, Oxygen, and A&E among others, along with movie-maker Universal Pictures and a big stake in the now-free online TV service

It’s likely that our cable rates will increase, as Comcast will charge its cable competitors more to get NBC’s line-up. And those costs will get passed on to us! And it’s likely that a lot of the free content we now get from NBC, like regular network programming and online access at sites like, may disappear and be available only to Comcast customers. Comcast customers can expect to see good programs moved to more expensive "tiers."

The FCC has the final say, and the right to reject this merger if it’s bad for consumers. Email the FCC at the Consumer Union's website:


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Agreed ... on all counts re: the Comcast/NBC issue. I'd thought that was over and done with. What peeves me about Comcast, besides them being dirty rotten liars, thieves, murderers, is that they lied to viewers all across the nation who were paying to watch tv during the switch to digital. They prepared this elaborate marketeering/public relations/advertising scheme with one intent and one intent only ... to make sure no one knew the truth about DTV and that it meant they no longer needed to pay for good tv reception. Period. It's probably the biggest lie perpetrated on U.S. citizens in this decade. Well, maybe just in the year 2008. And the thing is, people are still in the dark about DTV and still paying for crap, mind-rot tv.

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