Comcast-Time Warner Deal: Will it Happen?


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The Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, is making a push for federal regulators to kill the Comcast-Time Warner deal. They began running ads today with a marketing blitz on reasons why the merger shouldn't be approved.

“Higher prices. Fewer choices. Worse customer service. That’s what we’ll end up with if Comcast is allowed to take over Time Warner Cable,” Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, said in full-page ads that began running in Washington, D.C., newspapers Monday. The consumer group also launched a radio ad campaign with a 60-second spot on a D.C. local news radio station.
Comcast-Time Warner Deal Critics Ramp Up Opposition | Re/code


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CU tried to block the Comcast/ NBC merger. That didn't work, and this attempt won't work either, as long as the FCC is in Comcast's pocket.

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