Comedy Central app on Xbox One doesn't have Xfinity access - XFinity

On the Xbox One app for Comedy Central, Comcast/Xfinity isn't available in the list of cable providers. I know this is due to an ongoing issue between Viacom and Comcast, but not all Comedy Central programs are available on the X1 on demand service, and now that Viacom has pulled some of its shows off Hulu, its even harder to access Comedy Central programming.

Since Comedy Central is included in my cable subscription, I should be able to access its programming. What gives?

It's been YEARS since this has been an issue and Comcast still doesnt have an Xfinity app for the Xbox One or access to some cable apps (like Comedy Central) on the Xbox.

Also: You do realize that anyone can just connect a laptop via HDMI, or even wirelessly stream video from a laptop from the Comedy Central website or Xfinity website to the Xbox anyway, so why make people go through the extra step?

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Comcast won't sign an agreement with them because then they won't get ad revenue for having you use the Xfinity On Demand service instead.