Commercials you loved

Although i really hate commercials there have been a few that I loved. Seems these days there aren't even any good ommercials anymore. We have been taken over by infomercials.

I like the Geiko Cavemans, hey could expand on that one and drop the whose watching you ones.
Those money with eyeballs have to go. even the most annoying Geico ad could do better.

The Geico ads that are now long-forgotten that i loved were the ones before the Gecko, the Geico Direct ads. the one with the waitress who is told by some guy he doesn't want mayo and she just slaps the toast against the table to get rid of it lol!

or the laughing dog, or the duck who says 'Geico will save you over 15% in car insurance. the result? *pop* SMALLER BILL!

My favorite commercials were the ones i could sing to back in the '80s. the old Juicy Fruit ad for one.
I liked the 7up up yours ones, those made me laugh everytime. My oldest fav is the choo choo charlie good and plenty ones, now that was advertising. I do like the chester cheeto concept but think they could do better on that


I liked the Geico caveman commercials as well. You know, if every company put that much effort into their ads, people might actually... watch the adverts. Please excuse me while I wash my mouth out with soap.


Loaded question. I got a loaded answer.

This got me hooked on candy.

And this, on videogames

Nice way to sell a car, no?

I've had this juice drink, the commercial is better.

Here's one that's a bright idea:

I think you'll want to replace your ceiling tiles, no?
Ricardo Montelban in a Chrysler Ad in the ('70s-'80s?):

YouTube - 1975 Chrysler Cordoba

Another one:

YouTube - Chrysler Plymouth commercial with Ricardo Montalban

If you watch that second one closely, there is a car exactly like mine in the last part, ah, good old American Chrysler. back when cars were made to last over 30 years!

And just when you thought Billy Mays couldn't get more ridiculous, here's the original non-edited version of ESPN's ad. recently the parts where 'Live sports at work? that's much better than work at work!' and 'Now my job is less soul-crushing' are edited out.
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I like Pantene for commercials. Alot of their commercials are interesting and well done. I think they are good at making commercials. They are interesting most of the time.


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Anyone remember the Alka Seltzer commercial where the guy sat in one chair and his stomach sat in another facing him and they had a conversation about the stuff he was eating? It was circa 1970.


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For those of you around the New York City area from the late 1970's till the mid 1980's, you couldn't have forgotten the funniest TV commercials of ALL TIME! Jerry Carroll was a riot!

Sorry the rest of the country missed out on Crazy Eddie!

I even bought equipment from there at their "insane prices"!


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Here is another one for the New York people.

Palisades Amusement Park

Go to the sounds area and I am sure everyone in their 50+ remembers the 1965 version of "Come on Over".

Dang, when I saw this, I had to buy that DVD for $25.00. Shh.. Don't tell my wife. Please. :second: